Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune games happens to be extremely popular because of it show of the same name that popularised the idea. Since then, there were several virtual options for this type of game found online. However , in the last five years, providers have taken this 1 step further, offering players the opportunity to enjoy live casino Wheel of Fortune games too.

These games all run using the same general premise – players have to bet on a specific segment (usually a number or a colour) of the wheel.

Similar to roulette, the wheel is then spun and the player hopes that the pointer then lands on the segment that they have bet on. If the pointer does land upon this segment, then your player will win the prize or access bonus features depending on the bet and the wheel.

Generally, these wheels may have 54 segments, but this will be different depending on the game version being played.

The payouts differ between games too, as do the bonuses available if the wheel gets spun. We now have outlined a number of the main Wheel of Fortune games, so keep reading to learn which one you prefer!

AU casinos with Wheel of Fortune games

Wheel of Fortune Games online

There are certainly a small, but growing, number of Wheel of Fortune games found online. In the next section, we will outline a number of the very popular live Wheel of Fortune games:

1. Monopoly Live

This exciting option from Evolution Gaming is actually an extension of their Dream Catcher game.

Monopoly live

The wheel contains a specific pair of numbers that players can bet on. As an extension of Dream Catcher, though, this game has additional segments containing chance sections just like the board game.

These chance segments can offer up free cash or a 10x multiplier if the pointer lands on them.

Other additional segments range from the 2 and 4 rolls and these will need the player to one more game where in fact the full Monopoly board is shown.

Landing on this bonus game gives players the chance to get up to 2000x their original bet; however , players will need to have bet on the two or 4 roll segments because of it to be activated.

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2. Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Playtech’s fun take on Wheels of Fortune involves getting the madness that's Alice in Wonderland.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Not merely does this 54 segment wheel give you a lot of exciting winning options and bonuses, but all the presenters are dressed as characters from the book too.

The game has three wheels operating – two physical and one RNG.

The main physical wheel is the main game, with the 2nd physical reel employed for the two and 5 wonderspins bonuses that will occur through the base game.

There are further bonuses including a dice round where more wins can be made and a mystery bonus that may be triggered without first having been bet on.

This latter bonus can pay out multipliers on total bets.

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3. Dream Catcher

This game is the to start with the Wheel of Fortune style games and the conventional to which others are set.

Dream Catcher Live

Coming from Evolution Gaming, this Wheel of Fortune offers just six numbers for players to bet on.

Additionally , players can decide to bet on the 7x multiplier segment to see if indeed they can raise some of their wins through the game.

Simple, yet effective, this is still a hugely popular option for live Wheel of Fortune games.

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4. Crazy Time

The last Evolution Gaming live game we’ll discuss is Crazy Time. This offers almost everything you can think of packed into a single game.

Crazy Time Live

There are big wins, multipliers, bonuses and more.

You will find eight different segments to bet on in this game and each has its own payouts, which vary depending on exactly how many of the segments are on the wheel.

The game has a great hit rate, with 1 in 6 spins resulting in a win.

However , the game can be rather volatile, and that means you might proceed through some dry spells when playing too. Nevertheless , when those wins do hit, they’re going to be big ones.

Another feature that makes Crazy Time so great is the fact that there’s a high slot section that spins along with the wheel.

When they align after the spin has ended, players can get their hands on additional multipliers.

There are also four additional bonus rounds, each which are located inside their own segments on the wheel.

These offer new betting options and include playing a casino game of Pachinko, a Cash Hunt bonus, a coin flip to increase a win, and finally the Crazy Time bonus that provides a number of the biggest wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wheel of Fortune type games legal in AU?

Yes, Wheel of Fortune games are legal in Australia provided that the casino offering the game is found offshore and is licensed.

How do you play Wheel of Fortune?

To play, all you need to do is bet on a specific segment and hope that the pointer lands on it.

Can you win big on Wheel of Fortune?

Yes, you can. Some Wheel of Fortune games can offer 20,000x your initial bet.

Does it matter which Wheel of Fortune game I play?

Yes, it does. Not totally all Wheel of Fortune games are the same. Some have higher payouts for a specific segment than others. Some games have bigger or better bonuses than the others too. Have a look at all the different features before selecting which game to play.