VR Casino → Play casino online in virtual reality environment

As technology continues to improve, virtual reality has entered the internet gaming world, and it’s already a blasting success.

Gamblers have the opportunity to explore an entirely new way to play and have fun with their favourite on the web entertainment.

It is expected that virtual reality (VR) may have an important effect on the online gaming industry.

After all, this technology has already been successful in other fields, such as immersive video games, various kinds of softwares(such as simulators) and systems.

Best VR casino online

What is a VR casino?

Online casinos currently offer games that are designed in 2D or even 3D.

Although those games are developed to grant a satisfying and entertaining gaming experience, casinos that will implement VR technology will certainly be a step ahead in terms of usersengagement.

VR casinos have the power to give to the gambler a truly immersive adventure.

Imagine what it is prefer to head into an actual life casino: that’s just what the player will experience.

Many traditional online platforms have implemented state-of-the-art live casinos, where gamblers are linked to a casino and may interact in real time with the dealer and the other players.

VR will go even further, as the player will not only watch the casino on his/her screen, but will be “immersed” in yet another reality. The consumer should be able to connect to the games just as it could happen in real life.

What is needed to play?

To start with, the casino platform has to be developed to guide VR gaming. In order to achieve such results, casinos must add VR capabilities.

Even if the VR online gaming industry is still developing, you will find already some casinos which can be specialized in this new kind of entertainment.

All that's necessary to have is a reliable net connection and a special VR headset, which is sometimes referred to as Oculus, the absolute most famous brand available on the market.

The main options that come with a VR headset would be the separate stereoscopic vision, surround sound, a microphone and sensors that detect movement.

Many of these headsets also have a set of commands, like the buttons that are present on a gaming controller.

VR technology has become more and more affordable. That’s why it won’t be hard, even with a small budget, to discover a VR headset that will guarantee a fantastic performance.

VR casino games

With VR on line casinos, players can access a common games without leaving the comfort of their domiciles.

At this time, VR casinos are still growing and expanding their offer. None the less, there are already many interesting options for individuals who have a passion for gambling on the web.

Not only there was the opportunity to play slots also to sit at tables to play poker, blackjack or roulette games. VR allows an interaction level that, just a couple years back, it might have been considered as though it absolutely was purely science fiction.

Some platforms enable sitting in the lounge and chat with the other players or even to maneuver around the casino to test the games and the tables.

Other casinos are implementing the “illusion” of lighting up a cigarette while playing, which is positively a wholesome option than smoking for real!


VR casino creators and providers

For every development in a technology related field, VR casinos have attracted many investors around the world who, in collaboration with software and hardware providers are just starting to placed on the marketplace some interesting platforms.

Like Slots Million may be the new, exciting creature produced by Lucky VR. Emerge a futuristic skyscraper scenery, this platform allows the player to “travel” to a fantastic slots casino, packed with entertaining gaming options.

Dining table game lovers will be thrilled to try out a platform specialized in poker. Called Casino VR Poker, it really is still under development for gear compatibility issues, however it can already offer hours of pure entertainment.

Another interesting VR casino gamer provider is known as Mr Green, and currently features roulette and blackjack games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specific computer to play at VR casinos?

Certainly not. Even though a gaming PC is unquestionably most useful for VR applications, you are able to require expert advice and maybe upgrade some elements of your present PC, such as the graphics card.

Can I win real money at VR casinos?

Even though there are several platforms meant for entertainment only, there was already the choice to win real money, even if, at this time, it is still limited. Considered how fast VR is entering the online casino market, it’s most likely that the chances to play and win a real income will multiply soon.

Can I play VR games on a mobile device?

Yes. For example, MR Green has developed a platform that is available for mobile devices only.

Are there some system requirements or particular gear needed to play VR games?

Before signing up on a VR casino site, you should check the system requirements (usually at least Windows 7 or 8) and the type of headset that's suitable for the games.