Trump Plaza casino demolished after 4 decades of glamour!

The famous Trump Plaza hotel and casino located next to the Atlantic City Boardwalk in Nj is now just a memory and a relic of some special times.

Designed by famous architect Martin Stern JR. this attraction was built in 1984.

The location where many celebrities from Hollywood, the music industry, and sports gathered.

This was a casino where many scenes from American popular casino movies were filmed including James Bond, Oceans 11 and others.

A place with so much life in itself is today only a pile of dust and stones remains.

The former jewel of the Atlantic City – Trump Plaza casino, that has not held it's place in operation since September 2014, was demolished last month (February 17, 2022) as a result of danger it posed to the environment.

Namely, the building collapsed so much that pieces of it began to fall off the ground around it.

Trump Plaza casino implosion process

On Thursday, February 17, around 9 am, citizens of Atlantic City heard a loud explosion that hit the building.

Within just 20 seconds after the implosion, the whole infrastructure collapsed into itself, creating a huge cloud that spread to the environmental surroundings of the nearby beach and boardwalk.

Trump Plaza casino disappeared in a cloud of dust for no more than 20 seconds after implosion. Photo/NZHerald.

According to the AU Herald, the mayor of Atlantic City stated that was a historic moment and that he accompanied it with excitement and chills.

Marty Small Sr. (Atlantic City major)

He also added that works are simply starting here and that the remaining ruin is 8 floors high. Complete removal must be completed by June 10.

The remains of the building will be recycled in to an artificial fishing reef that is in the pipeline to be built on the Atlantic coast.

Besides the building that was demolished with over 2, 000 dynamite sticks, there are surrounding areas of the complex which were not mined.

The mayor stated that they will be dealt with by machines and not by explosives.

History of Trump’s Plaza casino

Removing this infrastructure, that was situated in the very center of the city, will open many chances for the development of new opportunities.

Trump Plaza (1991)

Bernie Dillon who had been the casino manager from 1984 to 1991 stated this casino at that time put the whole Atlantic City as well as Trump Plaza on the map that was amazing.

The golden times were it said Dillon, superstars like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, completely to Hulk Hogan you might meet in the hallway or in the casino playing roulette or blackjack.

Sporting events like Mike Tysone’s boxing fights have also raised the rating of this casino.

Dillon said he even met Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty on one occasion to truly have a private conversation.

And not only that, other stars of that time period, such as Madonna, Don Johnson, Sean Penn, were frequent guests at the casino, as well as Muhammad Ali would sometimes play his favorite casino games.

It was a unique time of my life, and I am very sorry that it had to go, but at least we have memories.

Bernie Dillon.

How did Trump Plaza Casino go bankrupt?

This complex was built by former President Donald Trump, in 2016 the building was acquired by billionaire Carl Icahn.

Though it was built by the former president, another billionaire Carl Icahn acquired the remaining two Trump casinos in 2016 from the last of numerous bankruptcies and owned the building.

The mayor in the pipeline to demolish the building in the past and organize a demolition viewing for cash that would be used to contribute to the Girls and boys Club of Antlantic City.

The then owner Ali Icahn objected and prevented the demolition, and with his own money (AU $ 243, 000), donated to the club.

The casino opened in 1984, at the time Mr. Trump was an actual estate programmer, and at the time this casino was the most successful and popular casino in Antlantic City that exuded glamor and murmur.

They held mega events like boxing matches and concerts of super rock stars.

However in 1990, when Mr Trump opened the nearby Trump Taj Mahal, things began to rot. Accumulating debts, they forced Trump’s company to invest the majority of its funds in a new hotel and casino.

Your day the Taj Mahal opened was the start of an emergency for Trump Plaza Casino. In order to supply the maximum for Taj Mahal, they stopped any new investment in the Plaza casino, which led to its collapse and fall under the abyss.

Asphalting of this location is currently planned in order to provide new parking spaces, while a new project will be secretly considered.

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