Paroli betting system

Paroli strategy is an extremely popular betting system. It has been around for a long period. Its origin goes back to more than a century, but does it still work? Below we will provide you with a remedy to that particular question and learn you all that's necessary to learn about any of it betting system.

Paroli is a positive progression betting system. Experts think that the best betting strategies really are a positive progression. This technique also is aimed at helping gamblers maximum their profit. The argument amongst other gamblers may be the guarantee that strategy works. In the event that you were mistaking Paroli for reverse Martingale a comprehensive distinction awaits you below.

Firstly, let’s check out the history of Paroli strategy.

Since this is simply not a brief history class, it’s time to focus on just how to make use of this betting technique to make some money.

How does the Paroli betting system work?

This technique strives at helping players maximize their profit and reduce the threat of losing. It seeks to encourage small winning streaks by doubling the bottom bet 3 times. This system just isn't a get rich quick kind of strategy rather it supports consistent winnings in small bits. Below is how it operates;

Rule one

Players are required to really have a fixed amount as their initial bet. The easiest method to determine your initial bet is always to have a budget.

How much you intend to spend will help you determine your base or the first bet.

Don’t let your first bet exceed five % of your bankroll or 2 percent. For example, if your budget is $50, your base bet may be $5 or $2. 5.

Rule two

When you win your first bet, stake double base bet. Assuming you stake $5 as your base bet and win, you are anticipated to stake $10 on the next bet.

Rule Three

In the event that you lose a bet, you are required to go back to your base bet. For example, in the event that you stake $10 and lose, then get back to your first bet (that is $5 from our illustration hence far).

Rule Four

If luck smiles you three consecutive times, simply come back to the base bet. For example, in the event that you stake $5, $10, and $20 on three consecutive bets and win, get back to the bottom bet.

Paroli betting system – simple explanation

Does the Paroli betting system work?

There's absolutely no doubt that the Paroli betting system falls beneath the most workable betting strategies. Can there be any guarantee that it works on a regular basis? I

t is difficult to state. Nevertheless , studies show you could hardly find any strategy which will provide you with a 100 percent result always.

Is Paroli exactly like every single other strategy? No, it’s not. One thing that is specific relating to this system is that the degree of risk is minimal compared to other strategies.

So is this not enough to close out that it works? Maybe, but let’s face the fact Paroli is safer, less risky, and easy to use.

Gambling on its own is a huge risk, so giving this tactic a go just isn't a bad idea. Just cross your fingers and hope that mother luck smiles at you.

Advantages of the Paroli betting system

  1. It is a simple and straightforward betting strategy
  2. The risk of loss is minimal while the probability of hitting huge wins is higher
  3. Maximizes the profit potential of winning three times
  4. It is workable than other betting strategies
  5. Protects your winnings
  6. Can be used on other games apart from roulette

Disadvantages of the Paroli betting system

  1. There is no guarantee that you will win three streaks
  2. You can also lose a lot of money if your bet is very high
  3. No matter how beautiful this strategy looks, the house edge may not let you win any bet

History of the Paroli betting system

It seems like there was so much controversy surrounding the history of the betting system. Some people think that Blaise Pascal created Paroli. Blaise was the inventor of the Roulette wheel.

While some will argue that this system was formulated by Victor Bethell. Pascal published a book called the “Monte Carlo Anecdotes and System of Play”.

Others genuinely believe that this tactic is significantly older. Some experts declare that its origin can trace back to the 16th century.

Blaise Pascal – The inventor of the Paroli betting system and roulette wheel.


Professionals will always tell you that using a casino betting strategy just isn't full proof that you'll win your bets. Instead, they'd help you to choose strategies that will permit you to manage your money perfectly.

Does the Paroli strategy help gamblers manage their money? Yes, it does. How? It doesn’t encourage chasing loses. Instead, rule three of Paroli strategy recommends that you return to your base bet.

This betting strategy just isn't perfect but experts have recommended it whilst the safest. It's not only simple but straightforward.

You are going to risk only a little bit of your winnings using this strategy. It is extremely unlikely you will lose all of your bankroll using the Paroli strategy.

However , irrespective of how impressive this tactic seems, it's not an assurance you will win always. Stake responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply the Paroli betting system on roulette?

The Paroli betting strategy was originally formulated for the roulette game. You can also make use of this strategy on other casino games such as baccarat, Scratch card, Pai Gow, etc . However , some experts have argued that strategy is way better used for a roulette game.

Is the Paroli betting strategy the same as Reverse Martingale?

A Reverse Martingale is similar to the Paroli strategy as it discourages chasing loses. For example, Reverse Martingale encourages players not double their bets after losing. The same technique is relevant when you are utilising the Paroli strategy. The sole difference is that the Paroli strategy supports upping your bet after winning your initial bet.

How safe is the Paroli betting Strategy?

Any betting strategy that doesn’t support chasing loses is safe. Paroli strategy is among the few betting systems that may be recommended as safe. It can help you maximize your returns and reduces the danger of losing all of your bankroll.