Parlay Betting System

This positive progression strategy is popular among gamblers. One of many interesting features may be the fact that it is easy to understand.

A Parlay bet will allow you to win huge sums, however it is very important to understand that none of the systems and strategies are 100% safe.

This tactic is features a lower risk but provides impressive payouts. Some gamblers frequently mistake the Parlay strategy with the Paroli system.

Although they have similar features, their differences are not too far apart.

This article aims to provide you with a guide of how this strategy works.

You will also find out the advantages and disadvantages of this system.


  1. The risk is lower because players make use of their profit to stake more bets
  2. The profit though minimal, if it consistent can turn into huge sums
  3. It helps gambler manage their bankroll better
  4. You can use this system to stake bets with different odds.
  5. This one of the reasons is widely used
  6. It has the potential to win you a jackpot


  1. There is no assurance that your bet will win always
  2. If you consistently stake high bets, you may end up losing your bankroll very quickly

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How does the Parlay betting system work?

The Parlay strategy is very simple and it promotes safe betting. It provides a whole lot of opportunities for gamblers (especially beginners) to win.

It can help gamblers with a minimal bankroll to build up profit. Rather than playing several individual bets, you are able to simply group the bets up and stake a single.

It sounds confusing, right? Never mind, you are about to get more clarification.

Below we have shown you how the Parlay system works.

SpinBet (Units)OutcomeProfit (Total)

Rule one

Exactly like all the other popular betting strategies, the first rule is to have a base bet. The base bet may be the first amount you stake after overviewing your bankroll.

For example , if your bankroll is $100, you can stake $2 for the first bet. This becomes your base bet. Note, the payline of the casino may affect your base bet.

For instance, some games start with paylines as low as $1 while others start at $5 or more.

Rule two

Following the first win you, boost your stake for another bet. This is self-explanatory, but also for a better understanding, let’s paint this picture.

Assuming you stake $5 for the first bet and win, you are expected to increase your stake to $10 on the 2nd bet.

Rule Three

If you lose your bet, go back to the base bet. For example , in the event that you stake $5 and win, then you definitely stake $10 and lose on the 2nd bet, get back to the beds base bet on the next bet.

Quite simply, the Parlay betting system is a positive progression that helps gamblers to control their bankroll.

The example of parlay strategy

Meanwhile, some experts think that the Parlay betting strategy can be an accumulation of bets. Just how do we mean? In games such as for instance soccer, baseball, basketball, and so on where you have various teams playing at the same time, rather than staking individual bets, you simple group or combine various games and stake an individual bet. For instance;

L. A. Lakers vs Bolton Celtics – home team to win

Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat – both teams to draw

When you selected your teams and events, stake with any amount. Let’s say the total odds after accumulating these games is 20, if you stake $10, you are getting $200 as profit. Nevertheless , if any of the events doesn’t play as in the pipeline you will totally lose your $10. Both events must play as planned to win.

Does the Parlay betting system work?

The first thing any gambling expert will let you know is that there's no guarantee that the particular strategy works.

Although this may seem like the truth, surprisingly some of the strategies do work.

From our findings why is a betting strategy work is the ability to manage your bankroll and luck. So doesn’t signify the Parlay strategy is a fluke? No, it's not.

The Parlay strategy exactly like every other you have there ups and downs. In this instance, this plan provides gamblers helps reduce their loses.

Even though utilising the Parlay strategy doesn’t guarantee you a win constantly, it has got the potential to assist you win huge sums.

History of the Parlay Betting System

The history of this betting system can be traced back to the 16th century.

The parlay system is connected to a card game played by the upper class called Basset. The Basset game is played against the banker.

Player’s winnings are put up for grabs. In the event that you win a bet, the next will be double the original bet.

This appears like what the Paroli strategy recommends. Nevertheless , the Parlay has been adopted by gamblers from various sports. It is widely used in sports like football, soccer, and so forth


If you were to think that the Parlay strategy is wonderful for you, then test it out for. Don’t forget that gambling is about going for a risk and hoping to win. However , no strategy can guarantee successes on a regular basis. So far as safe betting can be involved, we will give this strategy a thumbs up. It’s doesn't have business with chasing loses.

For initially gamblers, experts always recommend this tactic because it is safer, but not 100% secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Parlay betting to play other games?

Yes, you can. Fortunately, this betting was not designed for a specific game. You can try it out on your favourite casino games or even sports.

Will I win my bets all the time using Parlay strategy?

There's absolutely no guarantee that strategy works constantly. Experts have argued that a few of these strategies were formulated by markets to induce gamblers to stake more.

IsParlay strategy a safe betting system?

The Parlay strategy is among the safest betting strategies as it doesn’t lure gamblers into chasing loses. When you lose a bet, rule three instructs players to come back for their base bet.