Top 10 best sports jokes ever

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Basketball Player

Husband of the year

It was the finals of NBA and a person with a seat at the heart court finds the seat next to him empty. He leans over and asks his neighbour if he knows perhaps the seat will be occupied. “It is empty, ” says the guy. “The person will not be arriving at the game”.

This person is amazed. Who in the right mind will skip the NBA finals? He wonders. He asks this out loud too.

Each other answers. “The seat was for my partner. She passed on thus I had to come to the match alone”. “I am very sorry”, says the guy embarrassed.

“However, didn't you find any one else to come to the match with you? A pal, a family member, or perhaps the kids? ”.

“No”, says the guy. “Everyone else is at the funeral right now”.

Arsenals rather not eat

One member all the Arsenal, Hartsfield, and Liverpool teams were flying out for vacation when their flight crashed on an island. The island was deserted without any one to help the footballers.

They finally found a horse dead. They decided to eat the meat.

The Liverpool player said that he can get the liver of the pet as it matched the name of his team. Similarly, the Hartsfield player wanted the heart of the horse.

The arsenal player thought about it and said, “I’d rather not eat anything”.

My Parent’s choice

There was a top school teacher who was an ardent fan of football. He was so passionate about the game that he kept getting into arguments with individuals who didn’t agree totally that football was the best game on earth.

One senior high school kid casually mentioned to this teacher that he was not going to watch the Super Bowl. “I am not interested in it”, he said. “Why”, asked the teacher. “My parents like basketball thus I prefer it too”.

“That’s a stupid reason. What if your parents were idiots?”, he asked.

“Then I’d also be a football fan”, the student said with a straight face.

Blaming the parents

Three friends paid big money to get great view seats because of their city team’s football match. The team played very poorly and lost. The first friend complained about the team manager. He said that had he plumped for the proper team, they might have won.

The second friend blamed the coach. He felt had the coach done a good job, the team would have won.

The third friend blamed his parents. Had they settled in New York rather than Seattle, he would be celebrating now!

Going overtime

A grandfather was watching the football game together with his grandson. The grandpa was a popular football player in his teens. He was considering his past and his age now and sadly said, “I am in the fourth quarter now! ”.

The little grandson replied, “Don’t worry grandpa, if you have luck, you may go into overtime!”.

Giving away tickets

A guy once found himself with two tickets for Derby County’s football match. The team had one of many worst records in the past which man wasn't thinking about likely to the game.

He mentioned “Free tickets within an envelope”, added the tickets to it and put it under his windscreen wiper. He parked the vehicle in a busy street and disappeared for a couple of hours.

He came ultimately back to begin to see the envelope still there. He opened it to find four more tickets for the same game in it!

The smart coach

A critical school football match was happening one of the players took a very hard hit. He fell down unmoving.

The crowd got really worried and the coach ran to the boy, picking his hand. “Can you hear me little fellow? ”, he asked with concern.

“Squeeze my hand once if you can hear me and twice if you can’t”.

The strict manager

A particular football manager of a struggling team was supposedly very strict.

He got furious when he found two audiences climbing over the stadium wall.

He roughly pulled them down and said with anger “Come in here and finish watching the match until the end”.

Death in the golf course

A husband came ultimately back from the game of golf and told his wife. “Poor John dropped dead on the tenth tee. We were all shocked and sad”. “Oh my, how sad. What happened next”, asked the wife.

“What else? We had to drag John for the whole back nine. It was “, said the husband.

The football match between god and devil

Once God and Satan had a fight, and they decided to play a football match to decide the winner.

God was very happy and said “All good players come to heaven and I will therefore win”.

Satan smiled and said, “All referees come to hell!”