Horse racing

Horse races are a popular sport in Australia, and therefore betting on horse racing is an activity where AUs enjoy each and every day.

Two of the very most popular races to which recreational players and serious one betting on would be the Australia Derby or the maiden at Rotorua and each bet is exciting and very profitable.

If you should be a fan of horse racing and you love to bet on horse races this guide will help to teach you all you'll want to know to achieve success as of this pastime and discover the very best on the web horse betting sites that are legal and offered to all players from Australia.

Best horse racing betting sites

Is it legal to bet in Australia at overseas gambling sites?

Yes! Remote gambling is permitted when it is made available from providers outside the country. All sites that people are recommending are based outside of Australia they are 100% safe and secure for AUs. You can visit online bettting page if you are interested to learn more about other betting options.

How to choose the best horse racing betting site?

Determing the best horse racing site to use while betting gift suggestions you with the necessity to search for the very best value betting odds, highest winning percentages, and highest payouts.

Check out our 8 tips when choosing an online horse racing betting site:

No.1: Choose the best value betting odds!

When you choose a horse racing betting site you are able to choose the internet site that offers the very best (highest) odds on the horse you intend to bet. Look closely at promotions such as for example:

  • Extra Places (you get paid to additional places in certain races)
  • Match Bets (bet that the horse leads to front of a certain horse instead of the horse that will finish the race first)
  • Moneyback (If your horse happens somewhat, some horse betting platforms offer a refund of the stake you placed)
  • The best odds guaranteed (This will be the best betting site for you the best odds on a certain bet.

No.2: Pay attention to types of bets!

The types of bets will vary at every on line horse racing betting site, which means you should select the right betting platform for the bet you intend to place. The most typical types of bets are straight bets are Win, Place, and Each-way.

No.3: Bet/Wager to watch or listen!

To start betting, watch or tune in to a horse race the most used places to go are on the web betting sites, there you could begin betting, watch and receive your payout.

No.4: Loyalty programs for AUs!

With most online casinos you create a free account that enables you to bet. Your account comes with membership benefits where users get points for betting then you can use for wager credits later. Check what loyalty program each platform offers and choose one that you prefer best.

No.5: Welcome bonuses at betting sites!

Most on the web casinos and betting companies offer welcome bonuses. Every site that gives horse racing betting has different bonus offer. On our top list, you can observe the welcome offers and you may select the the one that suits you most readily useful. You will find few factors on what you should pay attention, like wagering requirements and validity of the bonuses.

No.6: Read the site reviews!

Bethard is among the most well-known bookmakers in the world because they have been operating on the web casinos. The 888 sports are among the oldest on line casinos and one of the very most trusted brands in the market. On our website, you are able to read an evaluation about every brand that people are recommending.

No.7: Horse racing ambassadors!

Friendly Racing Ambassadors are accustomed to assisting with understanding odds, reading a racing program and simulcast screen, exclusive insight, placing a bet with a teller or on a self-service terminal, etc .

No.8: Data safety is important!

The risk of your details for sale is easily avoided, legitimate sites won’t sell your email address or banking information to fraudsters. Sites that run beneath the license from

  • MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)
  • UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) are the most secure and safest for players.
  • Also if you see that domains of platforms has HTTPS and not HTTP meaning that the internet site is beneath the SSL encryption (secure socket layer). That means that our data is safe and protected.

How to bet on horse racing?

To bet on horse racing at on line gambling sites first you do your research and find the site that works best for you personally such as the most useful odds, payout, membership benefits, loyalty program and other things that you need.

  • Choose a gambling site with the best advantages: Features of betting on horses on line is something of convenience and it is the only legal way to bet on horse races.
  • Target betting sites with the highest welcome bonus: As far as bonuses go you need to choose between matched bets, matched deposits, no deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards and more.
  • Create an account/Register: When registering with an online casino, you will have to type in your details to prove legality.
  • Make your first deposit: To begin with betting, you need to see what payment options are for sale to you to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Start placing bets: To place horse bets, you will need to locate through the horse selections along with their odds. It's going to then be added to the betting slip. After this you enter the total amount you want to stake and confirm the bet.

Popular racing betting offers at bookmarks

  • Extra Places bet: you place each-way betting on your own plumped for horse. Half of the betting continues the horse to win and the other half of the bet goes on the horse to place.
  • Match Bets: you will require home both the place element of an each-way bet and the lay bet if the horse finishes exactly fifth. It is because you have a bet on it finishing in the most effective five but another on not finishing in the very best 4.
  • Money-back betting: Different types of Horse Racing Refund Offers are; Back Successful Refund which includes 4/1 or 3/1 Winner or Wins by 2 Length; Runner-Up Refund includes second and 3rd Finish, Beaten by Head or Neck; and Refund as An Insurance.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed: The better the cost you get, the more money you collect if a horse you back lands the spoils in a race.

Types of horse racing in Australia

There are four types Horse Racing, Group, maiden, listed and handicap races.

Each type has its ways of racing and deciding winners.

Let’s find out little more about each one below.

Group races

These are the top echelon of races which are split into Group 1: the very best races such as the Classics, Group 2: which can be just underneath the championship standard and the Group 3: that frequently attracts quality horses, a lot of which are trials for Group 1 and 2 races.

Maiden and Listed races

The race for horses who've not yet won a race. Nevertheless , a racehorse can earn a really reasonable living as a maiden and remain there for an excessive period, ergo winning lots of place prize money. Just underneath Group races, they are built to identify racehorses of superior merit but below Group Standard. Listed races have become popular and players just love to place bets and getting that profit.

Handicap races

The race when the weight each horse is to carry is individually allotted according to past performance. The aim of this really is to provide most of the horses the same chance of winning. These routinely have a more substantial number of runners than the other forms. The side of the track that the race starts from can make a notable difference to the horse’s chances.

Biggest horse races across Australia

The largest horse races are the Karaka Million(1200m), Karaka Million (1600m), Spring Classic (2040m), Australia 1000 Guineas (1600m), Australia 2000 Guineas (1600m), Australia Cup (3200m), Telegraph Handicap (1200m), Wellington Cup (2400m), Thorndon Mile (1600m), Auckland Cup (3200m), Australia Derby (2400m) and the Australia Oaks (2400m).

Breeders Cup

Breeders Cup began in Hollywood Park in 1984.

It had started as a 1 day, 7-race event nonetheless it has since grown right into a two-day, $30 million extravaganza.

The Breeders Cup attracts the very best horses, trainers, and owners from around the globe. Breeders’ Cup Classic makes the final decision on the Horse of the entire year.

Caulfield Cup

Caulfield Cup is a Club Group 1 complete with a Thoroughbred horse race held under handicap conditions.

This might change, but as the MRC is in the act of turning the race into a weight for age conditions.

This means any horses three years or older will run over 2400 meters.

Cox Plate

Cox Plate can be called “The Race of the Century”. It was given the name after W. S. Cox Plate in 1986.

Named after a thoroughbred horse race that happened in Melbourne, Australia, between two Australia racehorses in the 1980s.

It is the weight-for-age championship of Australia and Australia.

It is held annually at Melbourne’s Moonee Valley Racecourse and is considered one of the most significant races on the Australian calendar

Where to watch live races in AU?

he best places to watch horse races in Australia are at the racetracks, online and on television.

If you are able and willing to go out, Tauranga is a 1700m right-handed track with a 400m straight.

This is one of the best locations to watch races from.

On television tab trackside is the best channel to watch for up to date coverage.

Betting online with the TAB at the website of You can also keep track of your horses here.

Live Stream Live Racing for Australia, Australia, and South Africa is offered at Sky Racing World and Racing Australia internet site.

Virtual horse race betting

Virtual racing accommodations are supplied from the “Big Four” bookmakers in the uk and with some smaller firms.

You can find virtual horse races on platforms in our top list.

The races include virtual dog racing and virtual horse racing.

Horse Racing Breeds

Horse Racing Breeds include;

  • Arabian
  • Standardbred
  • Thoroughbred
  • and Quarter Horses

Most beautiful: The Arabian horse!

The Arabian horse is a breed that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. It features a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage and is amongst the most easily recognizable breeds in the world.

American finest: The Standardbred horse!

The Standardbred horse is American most widely known for its ability in harness racing that is where members compete at a trot or pace. It's recognized worldwide and can trace its bloodlines to 18th-century England.

Racing horses: The Thoroughbred horse!

The Thoroughbred horse is better known for its use in racing. Even though the word thoroughbred may also be used to refer to any purebred horse, it refers and then the Thoroughbred breed.

Respected breed: Quarter Horse!

Quarter Horse, one of the oldest recognized breeds of horses in the United States.

It originated about the 1660s as a cross between indigenous horses of Spanish origin employed by the earliest colonists and English horses imported to Virginia from about 1610.

Interesting facts

All Up Poker: HORSE is an acronym for several popular poker games:

H– Hold’em
O – Omaha Eight or Better
R – Razz Poker
S – Seven Card Stud
E – Stud Eight or Better

Horse racing betting glossary

  • Win: select the horse that you think will win the race of course, if they succeed so do you, if indeed they lose you lose.
  • Place: a wager on a horse to finish in the most effective two positions, if they do, so do you, if they don’t, you lose.
  • Each Way: combines the win and place bets. If our selection succeeds, we receives a commission out for both elements of the wager but if it finishes in the places, we receives a commission out just for the area area of the wager. We lose our entire stake if it finishes away from places.
  • Double: correctly predict the winner in two consecutive races.
  • Exacta: which two horses will finish in the very best two positions. To position, we should get both horses right AND in the right order.
  • First4: select the first, second, third and fourth runners in horse racing, in the correct finishing order.
  • Superfecta: predict the top four in the correct order.
  • Pari-Mutuel: pool betting, all the stake money is collected in a pool and then shared out among the winners.
  • Percentage Betting: Public betting favorites place approximately 33 percent of most races and finished second 53 percent of that time period.
  • Pick 6: requires picking the winner in six consecutive races.
  • Parlay: Every person in the group picks one race one horse to bet to show. Place the first bet, and if you place, parlay the cash on the next race and horse. Your winnings can add on up quickly.
  • Harness Racing: the shape of horse racing whereby the horse’s race at a particular trot or pace also called a gait, usually pulling a two-wheeled cart called a sulky.
  • Treble: A multiple bets comprising three selections, which must destination for a gain a get back. Three selections are created and the returns from the first are rolled to the 2nd, then the returns from the second rolled up to the next.
  • Trotting: to record pedigrees of trotting horses. Among the rules stated that a stallion was required to trot a mile in two minutes and thirty seconds or better, or 2: 35 if hitched to a wagon.
  • Trifecta: predict the top three horses in the correct order.
  • Quaddie: select horses of every of the four nominated races, you are able to select any number of possible winners in each leg.
  • Quinella: pick which two horses will finish in the top two positions in any order.

History of the horse racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and left traces in various world cultures.

The first appearance of horse racing was seen in the early 18th century, in Englsek.

Now we can see it all over the world, including in Australia.

The festivities on the first anniversary of the Canterbury settlement on 16 December 1851 included four-horse races from the Riccarton Hotel to the Fendalton Bridge.

There was also early racing on the West Coast and in Taranaki.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best bet to make in horse racing?

Should you want to become better in horse race betting you ought to read our tips and tricks above in this article, where we've step-by-step explained the very best tips for racing and provided you with most useful overseas on the web betting websites.

Can you bet a horse to lose?

Yes, you can. Betting on a horse to loose is named lay betting and you will place those kind of bet atlanta divorce attorneys betting platform that people have provided you at our most useful horse racing websites.

What are the odds?

1/4: For every 4 units you stake, you will receive 1 unit if you win.
1/2: For every 2 units you stake, you will receive 1 unit if you win.

Weight and Height limits of horses jockeys?

The weight of a jockey usually ranges from 108 to 118 pounds and no height limit.

How much do horses jockeys make?

Pay can be as little as $28 per race and as much as $124,000 for a triple crown competition.

How much do horse owners make?

First place 60%, second place 20%, 10% to third, 5% to 4th, 3% to 5th, 2% to 6th and 1% each after that.