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On line sports betting has become increasingly popular which is why we, at Australia Casino, concentrate on bringing you the top sports betting AU is offering.

Recently, increasing numbers of people are realising the benefits of betting on line and are able to enjoy things such as for example sports betting bonuses, better odds as well as free betting tips.

In light with this, we've the very best bonuses, and latest campaigns for Australia bettors, all in one single place.

Read on and you will find out all about the absolute best sports betting AU sites according to us.

If you carry on, you are able to read more about on the web betting and everything required to learn for a much better gaming experience.

Top 10 sports betting sites online

Sports guides: rugby | Horse racing | Cricket | Football | E-sport | TAB AU | Betting strategies

Online sports betting in Australia

Online betting in Australia is a popular means of enjoying gambling. You could be wondering how that is possible considering the fact that Australia has stringent gambling rules in position.

But these laws do not prevent foreign and overseas-based sites from offering their services to AUs, nor does it prevent AU players from joining up and legally placing some bets.

In fact, Sports Betting was actually banned in 1920 until the TAB AU (Totalisator Agency Board) appeared, who obtained a license to bet on races through local government organisations.

Australia’s first casino opened in 1994, nonetheless it was only in 1996 that TAB was granted the licence to supply AUs with fixed odds and sports betting.

Gambling progressed further when, in 2003, the Australia Racing Board took over the TAB service with the aim of providing safe gambling to AU punters. It had been also accountable for promoting the racing industry in Australia.

Australiaers can access all of the online betting services from TAB, but you are also legally allowed to sign up and place bets at overseas sites too.

Many of these we've listed below on our page. What’s excellent about any of it second item is that, currently, there's absolutely no charge on any winnings you may make through such a niche site.

What this means is you won’t have to pay any fees or taxes when you withdraw these winnings from a niche site not based in AU.

Choose the best sports betting AU site

In a similar way to all online casinos, online sportsbooks also have different standards which helps set one site apart from others.

These differences may come through several different aspects so when you're contemplating on the web betting AU you'll need to ensure you’re playing at a great site.

Before you make that concluding decision, we suggest you take a look at among the recommended sports betting AU sites that people have listed here.

We’ve also added in some of use tips and criteria that you need to know before enrolling and making a real money deposit.

Even as we touched upon, there are a number of crucial criteria that are good to understand before you start playing.

If you’re a beginner or want a refresher, have a look at a few of the criteria we use to recommend online betting sites:

  • Widest variety of betting and market options
  • There are pre-match and live betting offers
  • Choose the highest bonus offers
  • Choose the highest coefficients (odds)
  • Variety of secure payment and withdrawal methods
  • Pay attention to security and safety
  • Quality of customer support
  • Compatible mobile application

Unwritten online betting rules and strategies

The following infographic outlines eight of the most common betting mistakes that bettors make.

Rather than making these mistakes, follow our guidelines and raise your odds of hitting an absolute sports betting combination.

If you want to see success when without a doubt on line, then you definitely have to know the strategy that all professional sportsbet AU players use.

But also take note, it’s not absolutely all about strategy either. There are a variety of other guidelines you can use to achieve the bonus in betting online and these are:

Persistence, patience, and discipline

Being successful at sports betting is like many other things in life – it won’t come instantly.

In order to be regularly successful you will need to be persistent, patient and disciplined.

And this doesn’t just relate to sports betting, but all aspects of your life.

When you take on betting, you’ll find that there are numerous surprises and pitfalls as you go along to getting great at regularly predicting winners.

Any sporting event has the possibility for numerous outcomes, sometimes the favourite will not win.

Nevertheless , if you do miss a winning opportunity, then you definitely shouldn't quit. Instead, simply take your experiences and utilize them to share with future decisions and so proceed further.

Mathematical systems are not 100% successful

Many players believe that you will find strategies and mathematical formulas which will help you to predict outcomes accurately.

But sports aren't predicated on maths but alternatively on humans, which means that there’s no thoroughly tested means of using a mathematics system to predict an outcome.

No matter what the end is, it’s never likely to be foolproof. Obviously, it’s your responsibility, however, you can always test these systems and strategies for fun but never expect a 100% accurate outcome.

Our recommendation is to play naturally based on your own experience, knowledge, and insights.

Potentially you can also utilise information from tipsters if you feel you can trust them.

Place bets on only one sport, one that you know the most

When starting out on betting sites, you may be tempted to place numerous bets on different sports.

You may be thinking that you can place multiple bets on different sports with different stakes and see if it gets you the win.

It's also possible to have experienced that we now have better odds on other sports or events and become convinced that it’s simpler to find the favourite. But this is where things can go very wrong!

We recommend that you ought to stick to one sport only and better yet, choose the one that you truly know the the inner workings.

For instance, if you love esports then you should stick to betting on esports.

If you should be betting on a variety of sports that you’re not familiar with, it may result in a wave of poor results as a result of your insufficient knowledge on a specific sporting event.

Do not make bets under the influence of alcohol and any drugs

It is very important that you have control over yourself when you bet.

You shouldn't bet when under the influence of alcohol or some recreational drugs as this might affect your power of judgement.

Under such influences, it’s likely you will only damage yourself financially & most likely, lose money.

Have control over your financial resources

Financial accountability is vital in the wide world of betting. Our recommendation is to bet only with the amount of money that belongs for you.

Additionally, do not invest money that you are not willing to lose.

Irresponsible betting often leads you to unpleasant situations that may cause you problems in the home and at the job.

Expand your knowledge and experience, be well informed

Finally, in order to get better results we suggest that you follow the results of matches, team tables, game schedules, match statistics and so forth.

You ought not quit when you yourself have one poor betting experience, but alternatively, put this down seriously to the educational experience.

You can even gain more information by hearing sports analyses, keeping up-to-date with team statistics as well as player form so you know the most likely outcome before placing a bet.

This is one of the most important tips we can offer you.

The most popular online betting sports in AU

On line AU betting sites are receiving hugely popular, so much to ensure that AUs are placing bets every day.

There’s a huge range of different sports on these betting sites too, therefore the question is, which sports offer up easy and simple money?

Well, there are a number of theories as to which sports are easiest to forecast the outcome.

After a lot of discussion, most experienced bettors claim the easiest sport to predict is tennis.

But, there’s an unwritten rule that suggests the easiest sport to bet on may be the one that you know best.

Horse racing betting tis

Horse racing is a very popular sport in Australia, evidenced by the many people placing bets either in offline bookies or on line betting shops.

If you should be thinking about horse racing, then you definitely should do your research before placing a wager on a particular horse.

To be able to maximise your winning potential, you'll need to take a look at some betting recommendations, review the horse’s form, determine who's the jockey, go through the track and so on.

This information can be gained via betting site reviews and will help improve your knowledge.

Should you want to improve your horse betting skills, you will need for the best horse betting sites with the very best odds.

And the best place to start would be our best horse racing betting sites page and guide.

Best horse racing betting tips

Rugby betting tips

Probably one of the most popular sports in Australia is rugby. One of many reasons for that is that Australia’s rugby team, the All Blacks, are perhaps one of the most successful teams in the world.

AUs enjoy watching rugby in the same way that the English enjoy watching football.

If you decide to bet on rugby, you should read our tricks and tips prior to starting in order to discover more about betting odds, shops and more.

Should you want to find out which betting sites supply you with the best odds on rugby, you then should begin our best rugby betting sites page to enhance your betting skills and rugby knowledge.

Best rugby betting tips

Cricket betting tips

Australiaers also enjoy watching and betting on cricket. After rugby, cricket is definitely the second most popular sport in AU.

This is why we have created the best guide for cricket betting online for our AU players.

In this cricket betting guide you can find the best cricket betting sites, cricket betting guidelines as well as a beginners guide on how to bet on cricket at on the web betting sites in AU.

Our expert team has taken the time to create this guide with all the most critical answers to your questions.

Cricket betting tips

Football betting tips

Even though we know that football isn't typically the most popular sport in Australia, many AUs still follow the activity and place regular bets on football events and tournaments.

As a result, we now have also prepared a football betting guide containing a listing of the very best on the web betting sites for AUs and a guide for both beginners and experienced football bettors.

Best football betting tips

E-sport betting

E-sports betting may be the fastest growing type of betting on the web since 2018. In a nutshell, e-sports is multiplayer games played in teams and e-sports betting is when we bet on these teams.

We have come up with an esports guide where you can find out more about the games which can be played, how betting on esports differs and where we also list the best possible esports betting sites.

Best Esport betting tips

Pre-match and live sports betting in AU

When betting first started, it was always in pre-match form. Punters would place their bets before a game began only once you understand what the end result was by the end of the big event.

However , nowadays, you will find other options. As well as pre-match betting it's simple to be involved in live betting.

This means that sportsbooks are now allowing players to make bets until well into the game.

Due to this, now you can bet on on-going games, changing your bet as you head to provide you with a better shot at a win.

You’re even in a position to cash out a bet early if you think things aren’t going to go your way and save yourself from a bigger loss.

This type of betting offers good odds which you can positively reap the benefits of if you are experienced in the game you’re betting on.

What are the online betting odds?

Given that you have learnt everything about on line sports betting and therefore are familiar with the most used on the web betting sports in AU, it’s time for you to go on to odds.

If you’re planning on betting seriously, one of the things you need to know are the odds.

You may have heard this word thrown around but be unclear as to what it means.

It�s likely the numbers that indicate the likelihood of a meeting happening. These are calculated by the bookmaker for each event.

There are two types of odds

With regards to odds, you should be looking for those that are good, and the ones that are bad.

For instance, let’s take a football game where Real Madrid (the last year’s champion of the championship in football) is about to play the team at the bottom of the league.

  • The good odds:

Here, the bookie offers odds for winning Real Madrid at 3. 45, which would mean we've a good odds.

Such offers should never be ignored because Real Madrid is the favourite in this match.

  • The bad odds:

If the odds are not worth it in this instance, you might see odds of 1.05 for Real Madrid to win.

They're bad because this bet, even if Real Madrid wins like we wish, will not offer much in the way of profit if we undertake this bet.

How to calculate sports betting odds?

To be able to know exactly which odds are good and which are bad, you should know how to calculate chances.

To do this you will need to multiply the odds and stakes.

Like if you place a AU$100 bet at probability of 1 . 90, the potential win will be AU$190, this means we've gained one more AU$90 on top of our initial stake of AU$100.

How to calculate sport betting odds?

When you have placed a few bets on your own betting slip, all you need to accomplish is multiply all of the odds, then re-double your bet and final sum is equal to your proposed eventual profit.

You can see this in detail below:

Best betting sites and offers for AU players

Once you engage in online sports betting, the goal is always to win. However in order to manage to achieve this regularly, there are a variety of things you need to get knowledgeable about.

Several these have already been outlined above. However , one of the most influential factors has yet to be discussed – choosing which sportsbook is the most useful, offering the very best bonuses and the absolute most competitive odds.

Many punters will require the full time to analyze all of the on line bookmakers, exploring where they'll play, comparing the caliber of the offers and the size of chances available.

Just like online casinos, not totally all sportsbooks are equal, with some offering poor bonuses and limited odds.

To be able to assist you in finding the best AU betting sites out there, we have taken it on ourselves to complete the study for you personally.

That’s right, all you have to do is read our sportsbook reviews below and then choose the site you want most useful!

Below we now have described some criteria you ought to take into account when choosing an online sport betting site.

AU betting sites bonuses

In order to attract and retain new and regular players, online bookmakers use bonuses. These bonuses encourage new users to register to the bookies to see what they need to offer.

Once a new player makes their first deposit, they'll be rewarded with a bonus, though the kind of bonus is dependent upon the patient site.

The most typical bonus is a match deposit bonus. A typical example of this is a deposit bonus of 100% up to AU $100.

Which means that when you make a AU$100 deposit in your account your website will match it 100% giving you another AU$100 which means you have AU$200 to play with.

But we feel it’s vital that you observe that the majority of bonuses include wagering requirements.

However , these requirements aren't as steep as those bought at on the web casinos – you won’t need to play through any winnings 20x or 30x, instead you will be taking a look at requirements in the number of five to 7 times your bonus, though this varies across bookies.

Mobile online betting

One aspect we consider with regards to recommending the best online sports sites is perhaps the site is mobile compatible.

In recent times, using a mobile for sports betting has become hugely popular.

Most online betting sites have realised this and ensure that their mobile sites offer the same features, functions and design as their desktop version.

Most of the on the web bookmakers on our list are fully mobile compatible so that you can easily get online and place your bets while on the run.

Better yet, the websites we list are appropriate for a range of devices and systems this means if you’re an iOS or Android user, you’ll still get the same exceptional service ensuring you are able to enjoy good quality entertainment whether you’re on a tablet or a computer.

Some betting sites have even developed dedicated apps which you are able to down load on your mobile device.

With this sort of app, the bookie will be when you need it whenever you decide you want to place a bet.

Even if there’s no mobile app, the highly optimised mobile browser version of the website will assist you to gamble on your own mobile phones with the greatest of ease.

Safety and Security

One of the main issues players have when playing online is the concern over security.

In light with this, our primary goal is always to ensure that all our recommendations are secure. We therefore only recommend betting sites in AU which can be reputable, offering safe gaming platforms and so are fully licensed.

Most of the casinos and sports betting sites that individuals recommend are 100% secured by SSL encryption protocols and operate under legal licenses to make certain all transactions are legal and secure.

As a result of this, you can cheerfully peruse our set of sites with no need for concern as all are secure and safe.

Customer Support

Frequently over looked, support is an built-in part of making an on the web bookie run smoothly. You may not think about it, but we do! Support is important because things don’t always run smoothly.

You will need help with a betting slip, understanding odds or various other problems. Which is where customer care comes in.

All of the sites we recommend have top quality customer support available to players from Australia.

Not just that but these sites give you a quantity of different techniques including live chat, number or email.

Sites with live chat usually are available 24/7 and can answer any queries within seconds putting them near the top of our list.

A few last online betting tips

What more can we say regarding online betting that we have not mentioned already in this article?

Here we will just outline several of the most essential things you'll need to consider if you wish to become a successful punter.

First, be careful when accepting a betting bonus because they will always have wagering requirements.

Even if you’re a professional, patience and persistence is key. You won't ever always get it right so change up your strategy, combine several types of betting, but stay glued to a single sport.

It's also wise to be regularly checking on sports statistics, the newest news and the analytics after a game.

Finally, we recommend you stay clear of mathematical systems as they are not a winning guarantee.

As a final point, register with one of many sites we recommend because they are known to be safe, secure and fair as well as offering top odds – the easiest method to boost your online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sport is best for betting?

The answer to the question is significantly diffent for every player. It’s better to bet on a sport you know well. Obviously, you might opt for perhaps one of the most popular sports out there and these generally include football, NBA, tennis and more. In Australia specifically, top sports include horse racing, rugby and cricket.

What are odds?

Odds are the numbers that explain the chances of an outcome. Bookies create these odds based on the previous type of a team or player. The higher the odds are, the better your profit will be. But, the larger odds signify there’s a lower probability that the end result will come true.

What are sports betting bonus wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are specific rules you will have to follow once you've accepted a bonus. If you wish to withdraw any winnings produced from a bonus, you will have to meet these requirements or risk forfeiting both bonus and winnings. You will have to play throughout your bonus winnings a degree of times before withdrawal can happen, though these requirements usually are less onerous than those at on the web casinos.

Is online sport betting legal in Australia?

Most of the sportsbooks on our list we recommend are legal, and also you are allowed to bet at them if you're in Australia. While on line betting is technically illegal in AU, if the site isn't based within the country, but located overseas, then it is perfectly legal for a AU to signup, bet and win at among these sites.