Malta Gaming Authority

What is the MGA? The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the gaming commission or gaming control board for Malta. It absolutely was previously referred to as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

The MGA is responsible for regulating all betting and Gambling in the territory within which it operates.

They control both gamblings done on land and those done online. These include slot machines, lotteries, fantasy sports, casinos, and Betting offices.

Established in 2001, the Malta Gaming Authority was given the mandate to make sure fairness and transparency to the participants. MGA also prevents crime, money laundering, and corruption and protects the vulnerable and minors.

There exists a compilation of directives, regulations, and legislation that governs the gaming industry. Many of these regulations include chapters 400 and 438 of Malta’s laws. Another one may be the lotteries and other games act 2001.

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What countries are protected by an MGA license?

The Malta Gaming Authority offers its license in several countries. Players from at least one hundred and eighty countries are allowed to play casinos licensed by the MGA. Permission to play MGA-licensed casino in a country also depends on the country’s policies.


In a country like the UK, players can play on MGA-approved casinos.

There are a few countries like Germany where the on line betting rules and policies are harsh. The countries that aren't protected by an MGA license are Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, and China.

There's also prohibited countries: Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. Angola, South Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Ethiopia will be the African countries not protected by the MGA license.

What does the Malta Gaming Authority do?

According to part 5 of the Gaming Authorisation and Regulations, all gaming suppliers or those offering gaming services should be licensed by the MGA to work in the delegated territory.

Anyone who carries out a particular role in connection to a gaming supplier or gaming service should also get yourself a certificate of approval from the Malta Gaming Authority.

The MGA offers two types of licenses for gaming companies. One is B2C (business to consumer) license and the other is a B2B (business to business) license.

The B2C license is for a licensee who supplies gaming services online and the other for people who operate a physical gaming premise. Being one of the first regulators to bring forth directives to modify online gaming activities, the MGA has its well-defined tasks. These tasks include:

  • The MGA promotes responsible gaming by creating a safe environment.
  • They protect minors and all vulnerable people.
  • Malta Gaming Authority protects player funds. All funds, including deposits and withdrawals, have to be secure and payable.
  • One primary function of the MGA is looking into the integrity of the games and all gaming devices. This is attained by audits and randomness tests that validate the results of all games that include chance.
  • Another role is protecting the player’s rights. This really is done by considering the complaints brought forward about the licensees for the players.
  • The authority ensures compliance by monitoring the gaming company’s activities.
  • Malta Gaming Authority keeps gaming sites free from violations and criminal activity.
  • Sometimes the MGA accounts for advertisement and marketing. The adverts include promotions and bonuses.
  • Ensure the licensee is adhering to the legislation associated with privacy and data protection.

How does their license protect me?

There's no necessity to worry too much since all gaming services with an MGA license ensure reassurance. You will find legal and technical top features of the gaming suppliers that want to take check to provide players safety. The authority has set regulations that each licensee must follow. The MGA makes sure you are protected by:

  • Providing resources to guide the vulnerable.
  • They ensure that the companies keep the players’ funds separate from the company’s money.
  • They ensure transparency by enforcing regulations on safe and fast methods to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • The authority makes sure they investigate all customer complaints.
  • The MGA makes certain they audit the gaming suppliers, particularly when it concerns fairness and transparency.
  • The authority accounts for ensuring the rules and regulations set for players’ data protection are upheld.

How do I find casinos with an MGA license?

The MGA has proven effective at protecting players when it comes to online gaming.

The ultimate way to find about the casinos which can be MGA-licensed is by likely to their official website. When you access their official website, you go to the about page from the internet site.

A majority of casinos will also display the MGA logo on their website if the MGA regulates them.

These casinos have proof that they offer the best amount of security and enhanced protection for his or her players. You may also seek out the casinos given by searching their database.

It's important to ensure that your funds and data are protected when choosing which new casino you wish to explore. Whenever you see an MGA logo, you're sure you are secure and protected.

Where can I see Malta gaming companies?

There are many ways in which you can access information about Malta gaming companies.

Several websites offer an insight into some of the best gaming companies.

As much as these websites supply the most useful advice about the firms, there was only one place where you can get accurate information: MGA’s database.

Since you are seeking gaming companies in Malta, they must be regulated under the MGA’s authority.

This is why you should check the database of the Malta Gaming Authority to see Malta gaming companies.

Where can I Leave Complaints?

The MGA prides it self on addressing customer complaints. They strive to ensure they make with you in the shortest time possible. They also make sure your information is treated with strict confidentiality.

The MGA does not regard any complaints delivered to them via their official email. They advise players to refrain from using email to forward complaints.

Instead, there's a dedicated online complaint form where you fill in a quick description of your claims. You'll find the form on the official website.

MGA’s address and information:

When you have any general questions, proposals, or want to the Malta Gaming Authority, you should use the email [email protected].

The home address for Malta Gaming Authority is Building SCM 02-03, Level 4. They are located at Malta Gaming Authority Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM 1001, Malta.

Their cell phone number is +356 2546 9000. MGA is open for business Monday to Friday between 0900hrs and 1700hrs.


The MGA is amongst the obvious choices when it comes to the regulation and licensing of online casinos. If you're seeking to play on the web, a very important thing you could do is think about a casino regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.