Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an innovation from Playtech Live and is founded on a popular themed slot game of the same name.

The game takes the form of a live dealer entertainment game show and uses a Spin A Win wheel to power the overall game.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Live casino players need to wager on segments of the wheel, either on a number or four bonus rounds.

If the wheel stops on a particular segment, the player could either win a cash prize or receive an entry into a bonus round where multipliers come into play.

The hosts of the overall game show accept Alice and The Mad Hatter from the Lewis Carroll book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, while animated characters from the book also can be found in hands per hour.

How to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland

The game gets going once a player places his bet on the feaured betting grid.

How to play

The Numbers to bet on are 1, 2, 5 and 10. The 3 bonus segments are Magic Dice, 2 WonderSpins and 5 WonderSpins.

The player needs to have placed a bet on a segment to stand in line for win should the wheel stop on that segment.

Additionally , the wheel features 2 Mystery Segments which can't be wagered on but if the wheel land on those, there is a special prize distributed to players with active bets on the betting grid.

This prize could be either a multiplier for a number for a free spin or a current bet.

Once betting is closed for the round, the host spins the wheel.

Depending on where the wheel stops, the game either ends the round or starts a bonus round.

What is the WonderSpin bonus?

The WonderSpin bonus is a free spin round that utilizes an additional wheel.

Wonderspins bonus

Should the main game wheel award the 2 or 5 WonderSpins segments then this starts the bonus round.

The White Rabbit character will appear, and the main wheel will reveal 2 additional wheels.

The outside, bigger wheel has 54 segments which each features a character from the book, and each has a multiplier associated.

For instance , White Rabbit features a single segment but features a 50x multiplier where Mad Hatter covers 16 segments with a 2x multiplier.

Other characters such as for example Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, Dodo and Door Mouse also feature with varying sections and their particular multipliers.

There are also 3 No Win segments.

There is also an inner wheel with additional spins and multipliers.

What is the Magic Dice bonus?

In the Magic Dice Bonus round, the display changes to a grid with 4 rows and six columns. All these blocks could contain either a green advance arrow or a multiplier.

Magic Dice Bonus

At the heading of the grid is the maximum multiplier of 100x.

When this game round starts, the player must either select a white or red dice which can be rolled automatically.

The number rolled represents the column number of interest.

If the square contains a multiplier, then the player wins that amount, and the round terminates.

If the square has an arrow the player advances to the next row.

If there is a purple 2x arrow, then all visible wins are doubled on the grid.

The dice roll is repeated, repeating the method until a prize is awarded or the top of the grid is reached.

Therefore , the larger the player climbs, greater the worth of the prize. This bonus round comes with a max pay-out of 200x.

The Mystery Bonus spins

The wheel features 2 Mystery segments which do not demand a bet to have been placed on the grid but will only connect with all players which have valid bets on the betting grid. If this segment is landed on, then there is one of two randomly drawn prizes.

  • The Card Soldier Mystery Multiplier: If this really is chosen, 4 credit cards will march onto the display, each of a different suit. The player selects a card to reveal a multiplier prize which will be selected randomly from 3 available batches. The winning multiplier is awarded for all bets that the player has created for that specific game round.
  • The Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier: In this feature, the caterpillar produces a bubble that floats over the wheel display. Where in fact the bubble bursts, a multiplier will be unmasked that's put on the betting grid numbers. A free spin is then launched, and the player will get a payout for the quantity that is bet on.

RTP and payouts

Bet typepayoutColorRTPPropaility
2 Wonder Spinsup to €500,000Orange96.66%5.55%
5 Wonder Spinsup to €500,000Purple96.67%1.85%
Magic Dice Mini Gameup to €500,000Red96.58%3.70%
Mystery Spins?Purplen/a3.70%

Where to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

As this exciting game innovation is produced by Playtech Live, the game can be found at any online casinos that features games by gaming provider Playtech.

This game show variant is a Live Dealer game and is always available in real-time on a 24×7 basis.

There's a core number of game presenters or hosts, however they change every half hour, so players are certain to see their favourite presenters more than once daily.

Usually, this game will be listed in the Live Casino lobby area of the relevant online casino and is classified as an Entertainment Game.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Adventures Beyond Wonderland live released?

This game show variant of the slot game was initially released to GVC Brands at the conclusion of November 2022. All Playtech powered on line casinos received the overall release of the game on 17 December of the same year.

How much do I stand to win on Adventures Beyond Wonderland live?

The winnings upon this game has been capped off at €500, 000 so players can expect big wins while playing this game. Normal wins are usually ranging between 0 and 300x the bet.

Does Adventures Beyond Wonderland live feature an RNG?

Short answer is: No, the game doesn't have a random number generator. The reason behind that is that it is a live game and the overall game show hosts are live. The Spin A Win Wheel is spun by the host or hostess instantly.