Sky City Wharf Casino

SkyCity Wharf is a land-based casino in New Zeland, Queenstown on the water. It has that wharf location that folks love, and it allows players to savor a lovely background while they have been playing their favourite games.

Anyone who loves the SkyCity brand will discover that they'll come here to really have a good time, or rest while overlooking the water, and also to like a bite to consume before going back to the casino.

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About SkyCity Wharf casino

SkyCity Wharf may be the most readily useful place to go in this region because it is put up on the water. Players come here to really have a good amount of time in many restaurants, bars, and on the casino floor. Also, here is the most useful place for folks to play in the area. It allows the players to have a good time, does not require them to dress yourself in formal attire, and helps the players relax with friends they've met for a party.

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SkyCity Wharf casino games & offers

SkyCity features a special rewards program for all players who are permitted to register using their casino card, collect rewards because they play in the casino, and earn prizes.

The casino has massive rewards for clients, and so they have much food and drink options for clients who've been purchasing the casino every day with their gaming.

The casino has member’s only benefits, and the casino has events that allow visitors to can be found in as they are a rewards member. Plus, these players will see they can win more income since they're getting bonuses from the casino.


House Edge 1,5%


House Edge 1,4% – 5,0%


House Edge 1,5%

Texas Hold’em

House Edge 2.18%


House Edge 2,5%

Sic bo

House Edge 2.78%

SkyCity Wharf House Rules

House rules for this casino are no different than what they would be in any other casino.

They allow people to bring their friends to the bars and restaurants even if they are not of legal age, however they do not allow anyone below the legal age to go on the casino floor.

They have a straightforward dress code that asks visitors to wear shoes and take off their hats. They simply want to have an open environment that allows them to see everybody in the casino and lets the players it's the perfect time

Entertainment, food, and drinks

Wild Thyme is the restaurant in this casino that allows visitors to eat well and have a pleasant drink. The restaurant itself just isn't a gambling location.

This means that people can go into the restaurant to have a nice meal, go back to the casino, and come back to the restaurant for a glass or two.

There are a variety of individuals who choose to come here just to eat, or they may desire a break from gambling.

There are special shows that come through this casino, and folks may catch a show that is happening on the home once they visit. This is also a location that folks may possibly come to for special events for rewards members.

The Wharf casino in Australia has special events over certain holidays, and so they only close for 2 holidays a year.

Prizes and rewards

Prizes and rewards in this casino are set up through the SkyCity Casino program.

This system gives people a card that they can use to play any game they collect their rewards on this card.

The card also gives people access to special events that allow them to make more money over time.

There are cash rewards in the casino for people who are betting the most money.

You will find special rewards for those who hit a particular jackpot, and so they likewise have high level prizes that will send people on a vacation.

This casino has a tendency to change its rewards during different seasons, and so they prefer to align their rewards with holidays which will entice new players.

The players who come to the casino every single day maximize profit rewards, and they have the very best possibility of winning a massive prize like a vacation or jackpot.

Final thoughts

SkyCity Wharf offers people the most effective view when they arrive because of their next gambling trip. Players could stay static in the area, come to the Wharf each and every day, and revel in being on the river banks where they can visit a lovely view.

The casino has special member events for those who come through often , and they have an attractive restaurant that allows visitors to take a seat for a meal if they have been gambling throughout the day.

The casino also has a great rewards program that will pay people back for the games that they have played. The special member events are quiet events where people can win more income, and these folks often keep coming back because they live in the region.

In fact , people who live in the area come through often to really have a nice meal, to bet just a little, after which they reach head home after having a show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a conference centre wharf casino?

No . There isn't a conference centre at this location, but they do have some rooms where people can have meetings or parties.

Is there a bar in the SkyCity Wharf Casino?

You will find no bars in this location, but it does have a restaurant that serves nice drinks. People can order drinks from their dining table, and they can enjoy drinks for as long as they desire.

Is there a rewards program at Wharf casino?

Anyone can join the rewards program, and every one of these players earn points whenever they play a casino game.

How late is Wharf casino open?

This property is open constantly, but their restaurant has special hours on the basis of the days of the week. They only close for major holidays.

Why is it called the Wharf casino?

This property of AU Wharf casino sits right on the river bank where players get the best views.


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