Daily jackpots → A big win is guaranteed every day

Gaming is fun and a money-making venture for its enthusiasts. With online casinos, you can play your favorite games in the comfort of your home.

The gaming industry has evolved to bring forth exciting options to its fans.

For instance, progressive jackpots were game-changers previously, but today every gambler is eyeing up the daily jackpots.

If you are an online-gamer, you must have stumbled on daily jackpots.

Let’s have a look at what daily jackpots entail.

What is a daily jackpot?

The daily jackpot is a unique progressive jackpot where there must be a winner every day.

The feature is available in most on the web casinos and plays a significant role in keeping gamblers interested every day.

Who invented daily jackpots?

Red Tiger Gaming invented daily jackpots in 2016.

The idea was necessitated by the need to trigger more excitement for pokies game players.

NetENT acquires Red Tiger Gaming 2022

The primary goal of daily jackpots was to keep players hooked on the game and add more wagers.

However, more exciting jackpots are being developed to match with the industry growth.

How do daily jackpots work?

The daily jackpots work exactly as Progressive Jackpots, but there is a winner every 24 hours in this case.

The jackpots are formed by pooling a percentage of money from all players in the game room.

Therefore, every player in the room contributes a portion of his/her stake towards the jackpot.

The jackpot amount increases steadily as more wagers are made.

The increasing jackpot prize entices the players to stay on the hook and continue wagering, aspiring to be the jackpot winner.

The jackpot is reset after a win, and the game is repeated until someone wins the grand prize again.

This move entices players into more participation in the hope of winning.

Where can i find these jackpots?

Daily jackpots are available in the online casinos.

Today, most on the web casinos are selling daily jackpots because of their popularity. When joining any casino platform, check if indeed they have this feature.

Pros and cons

Like any life-changing venture, daily jackpots will have enticing rewards along with drawbacks. Be sure you think about both before joining the daily jackpot games.


  • There should be a daily jackpot winner. One of the players in the gaming room is assured of winning the grand prize.
  • Another benefit of daily jackpots is that you make copious amounts of money without addiction costs.
  • If you win the jackpot, you bag two rewards; the jackpot and the bonus.
  • All players in the room get bonuses.
  • The daily jackpot can be won on any spin, even on the least possible stake.


  • The jackpot winner is selected randomly, making it a game of luck.
  • There is no specific stipulated time or amount limit for ending the game and announcing the winner.
  • The thought of the more you wager, the more you increase your winning chances, ultimately causing unplanned spending.
  • There can be only one winner of the jackpot.

Play with a bonus

Bonuses are popular in the online gaming industry.

For instance, new gamers receive a welcome bonus when they register with a gaming site.

Also, loyal gamers receive occasional bonuses as loyalty perks.

When playing daily jackpot games, whether you win the last grand prize or not, you get bonuses. These bonuses have their limitation but are of help in the following ways:

  • Offers a helping hand: A bonus is normally free cash. In case you have a restricted budget, are short of money, and incompetent at splashing cash like others, you need to use bonuses to top up. Essentially, bonuses enable you to play for an extended session and even join higher priced games you might previously scarcely afford.
  • No wagering requirements: Sometimes you may get bonuses without making a deposit. You should use the rewards to spin and play to win real money without wagering (these types of bonuses are rare in the gaming casinos).
  • Availability of several bonuses: all online casinos provide players with many different bonuses and promotions. For example , you will have welcome bonuses, loyalty benefits, free spins, occasional offers, referral bonuses, and many more. For that reason whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you meet the criteria to claim several bonuses.
  • The bonuses can be limited to specific games: Unfortunately, not absolutely all bonuses can be used to play certain games. Some bonuses will be limited by specifically listed games. Before you claim a prize, ensure it may be used to play the games you don't mind spending time in.
  • Some bonuses require wagering: To get some bonuses, you will be necessary to wager. Hence, you receive bonuses for the duration of the overall game. You will be necessary to play through the bonus many times before you withdraw any winnings sometimes.
  • Limited-time bonuses: Some bonuses have time limitations. Because of this sort of bonus and promotion, use them promptly before they expire. Remember that the full time starts to click once you claim the bonus.

The casino bonus comes as a welcome tool for gamers. Select the bonus package that works for you, and you will win real cash.

Free things include conditions and limitations of use. Be smart and select bonuses that suit your gaming needs.


Daily jackpots are the new gaming trend. You have no reason to stick to the analog gaming programs.

Check on line to locate your favorite games that are offering daily jackpots. Grab those bonuses and use them to your advantage.