What is RTP and how does it work?


Return to Player or RTP is a something you have heard when you have browsed through our site or through online casino. The letters RTP mean Come back to Player and it tells us how high the payout percentage of a specific casino game is.

It’s probably still not yet determined for you, since it wasn’t if you ask me when I first found out about it, but don’t worry, because in today’s article we’ll feel the basics of RTP, discover ways to calculate it, and see does it really matters to us or not.

Pokies with highest RTP

Want to know what is RTP in an online casino?

RTP is always is expressed in percentages (%). So the higher the percentage is, the more often we can win in the long run at a particular casino game. RTP may be the most seen at online pokies (slots), where every pokie has a different Return To Player percentage.

Players should be aware of that each casino game has a unique RTP. By the average value of the “return to player” percentages of most games, the casino has additionally its RTP value.

RTP and win frequency are not the same!

How to calculate RTP at different casino games?

On the web pokies we can see RTP in the reviews or in the description at on line casino sites, but at various other games like roulette, blackjack, sic bo or craps we cant see how much is that percentage. Whenever we find out about this type of games we could frequently begin to see the term House Edge, but there is no insight to Return to Player percentage.

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For this reason is good to understand just how to calculate RTP! This will make you more experienced gambler, and you don’t have to be mathematician it isn't hard at all.

Let’s take for example a casino table game blackjack online. House edge for blackjack is 0.46 %%.

Just how do we calculate how much Return to Player is on blackjack on the web? Well, to calculate RTP for any casino game we are able to use an equation that goes 100% minus house edge corresponding to RTP.

Calculate RTP using house edge

This means 100% – 0. 46% = 99. 54%. Easy, right?! It is our prerogative for players to not count on an excessive amount of and not to simply take literally RTP since this really is only a statistical theoretical calculation.

Don’t mix volatility and RTP!

Some players get misleading and think that RTP matches win frequency or volatility. But both of these are not the same in any way. That's since the RTP doesn't tell the players how often they are able to be prepared to win.

Casino RTP

If we simply take an example of a pokie game with RTP of 96% with low volatility of payout will give winning combo once in 10 spins (on average), while another 96% RTP pokie could have winning combo once atlanta divorce attorneys three spins (on average).

Interesting thing here is that pokies with high volatility payout frequently , but in small amounts, while pokies that have low volatility spend larger sums every occasionally.

Learn more about variance and volatility!

How RTP work on different casino games

RTP is proven to work simple, if we take for example each time a player shoots a thousand rounds of craps betting “the pass line”. For the reason that bets player wager AU$1 on each game. Following the end of one thousand rounds player has wagered AU$1. 000.

Theoretically speaking because rounds players won right back somewhere around of AU$9. 859 of the wagers. That is happening because losing an winning on the “Pass Line” is equally frequently , That's a safe bet, when the actual win and the theoretical are pretty close. For this reason “Return to Player” must certanly be around 98. 69%. The more we play the overall game, the closer the RTP should come to 98. 59% on the bet”pass line.

We are able to make use of this calculation on every casino games, but to create it easy to you we now have created a table with all RTP for different casino games (below).

gameHouse EdgeRTP
Casino War2.90%97.10%
Craps (Pass Line)1.41%98.51%
Let it Ride3.51%96.49%
Three Card Poker3.37%97.15%
Sic Bo (Small and Big bets)2.78%97.22%
Jacks or Better1.63%98.37%
Bonus Poker1.09%98.91%

Luckily, we now have provided you above with the RTP’s and house edge for many played online casino games. Not al casinos show the insight into the features of casino games, but a valuable thing is you can do is always to inform on your own and read casino and game reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RTP stand for?

The term RTP is often seen at an online casino is an abbreviation for”Return to Player”.

What online pokies have the best RTP?

Online pokies with the very best RTP would be the ones that have the highest RTP, and some of the games are Wings of Riches ( 96. 63% ), Northern Sky (96. 57% ), Dead or Alive 2 ( 96. 82%) King Kong Fury (96. 7%). All this game you will find in our online pokies game section on the menu.

how do you calculate the game’s rtp?

You can easily calculate the game’s rtp by taking the game’s house edge and subtracting it from 100. What is left is RTP. House edge is thus the house’s advantage and what is left may be the player’s advantage.


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