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Mega Fortune review

If you'd prefer a challenge and want to put your cash into something exciting, there is a game called Mega Fortune where you are able to do exactly that.

It’s a five reel slot that only the people in Australia can play, and it’s filled with plenty of fun and colorful graphics.

If you wish to observe you can get in on this money maker, let’s do a overview of Mega Fortune to see if here is the right game for you to play.

How to Play?

When playing Mega Fortune, there is a huge circle with two clockwise curbing arrows in the centre, you slide that up and then tap the button for the reel to go in motion. Certain matches are certain to get you a pleasant money amount.

If you're playing free of charge then you can get coins instead. On the button feature that you tap to go the reel is a rabbit using one side and 50 on the other. Each one will go within the button when you tap them and you can get more wins because of this.


The bonus is a colorful orange circle as the wild is a circular picture of a yacht with a blue sky.

If you obtain a yacht, it signifies a win. You additionally have rings, watches, champagne glasses and cigars along side cars whilst the scattered symbols.

The complete background is black with faded palm trees on a curvy hill. Some of those connections a wild can get you some a lot of money.

The jackpot is $10,000 and the payline is 25. If you want to know the coin range is 0.25 to 50.


There are plenty of free spins and you can get 10 of them.

Also, you may get that multiplied 1-5x. So according to if the bonus is activated, you'll get a lot of free spins that generate money.

You can easily become a millionaire on this game.


If you ever are lucky to get the bonus, you are looking at becoming a millionaire. Those spins can be activated and also you could win some a lot of money.

All you could would want is three reels to show the bonus feature, and it’s needs to be known that with the outer will provide you with cash and prizes as well.

Those wheels are infused with cash and prizes. Each one wanting bigger awards than the one before. The third wheel will sometimes lead to a millionaire jackpot.


The wild is a yacht. You only need one of them to make a connection and win a huge sum of money.

Also, if the yacht connects to your wine glass and cigar feature, that is clearly a win for a few money as well.


The RTP is 96.4% for Mega Fortune and this game is known for making people millionaires.

All you've got to complete if you are on your cellular phone or at any AU casinos is always to find this slot game to play it.

This is a game that will reward you at some point if you don’t give up.

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