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Going Nuts review

Going Nuts is a luck dice rolling game that occurs to be the phrase on the road in Australia Casino world. It is also called Going Nuts jackpot pokies.
Going Nuts jackpot e is a slot centered on three-row and five-reel slot with 30 fixed pay lines. The overall game seemingly have inspired by Ice-Age films with squirrel, fox, rabbit and the skunk as the main characters.

The game was created by one of the gaming giants called bwin.party in New Jersey in 2013.
Going Nuts is a fantastic progressive jackpot slot designed for individuals who want to get all of it in the pokies game by trying their luck. With the cute animation, we bet you can not get tired of this game.

Welcome to the Going Nuts jackpot slot or pokie review. Here you learn all about features that Going Nuts jackpot slot game offer: Also players fro AU can discover ways to play it and where. So let’s go.

How to Play?

This jackpot pokie game begins by setting bets. Going Nuts is one of the most popular jackpot slots games and a default bet is set per line when you enter the game.

  • You are able to increase or decrease the bet per line by ◄ and ► buttons open to the Left & Right of bet indicator.
  • You'll want balance in your account because if the overall game balance drops below the sum total bet you’ve placed, the Re-buy or Deposit Fund option will pop-up.
  • If you wish to play with “Max-Bet”, you'll want sufficient balance in your account, or else the choice will be disabled.
  • After placing the bet, click on the “Spin” button to start spinning the reels.
  • When the reels stop spinning, you can see any winning combination on all the 30 lines.

Symbols and features

All symbols of the overall game pay from left to right, as the scattered going nuts symbol logo pays anywhere on the screen.

The Acorn (Going Nuts) may be the wild symbol and prompts the wild tree feature. The Squirrel symbol may be the highest paying symbol and the fox whilst the second highest paying symbol.

The other high-value symbols are the Rabbit and the Skunk in this pokies game.

The overall game has a “Free Spin” and “The Big One jackpot” feature. In addition, it comes with an “Auto-Spin” feature for hands-free gameplay.


The Going Nuts Acorn is the Wild symbol appearing on either 1,2,3,4 or 5 reels.

You will find maximum and minimum amounts of symbols which can be turned into wild, where 12 be the most and 2 be the minimum number.

In the game, if the Going Nuts Acorn Wild symbol and 3 or maybe more scattered Going Nuts logo arrive on the screen you then need certainly to buy scattered Going Nuts first.

Only one Wild Going Nuts Acorn symbol can appear per spin.

Free spins and jackpots

To win the free spins and free spin multipliers, the player has to click a random quantity of Acorn.

An Acorn Tree can look with 15 nuts to select for the player. You can have up to 50 times free spins and up to 8 times free spins multiplier.

The Big One Jackpot is simply the real deal in this game. The Big One Jackpot will appear on the screen if the player wins one of the progressive jackpots. You will find five cash jackpots with 5 different colours.

  • Blitz Cash Jackpot: Orange Circles worth $ 40.
  • Quick Cash Jackpot:Red Circles worth $ 200.
  • Super Cash Jackpot:Blue Circles worth $ 750.
  • Mega Cash Jackpot: Green Circles worth $ 10,000.
  • Colossal Cash Jackpot:Lavender Circles worth $ 125,000.

Conclusion and RTP

This fantastic progressive jackpot slot is for those who need to get it all in the pokies game by trying their luck.

With the cute animation, we bet you can not get bored with this game.

Going Nuts is really amazing and high payout slot game with RTP of 93.89%.


  • https://help.bwin.com/en/casino-help/jackpot-slots/goingnuts

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