Slapjack is played utilizing a standard 52-card pack. It's a quick and simple game which can be played among 2- 8 people.



The aim is to win all of the cards by quickly slapping the deck whenever a Jack is played.


Shuffle the deck and deal the cards, as evenly as you are able to one-by-one, face down to each player. If some players have yet another card than the others, it's completely ok. The joker cards are not required when playing Slapjack.


The overall game begins with the player left of the dealer where he or she flips the top card from his/her pile in to the middle.

The play continues clockwise to the next player who the same. The gameplay must certanly be fast-paced.

Whilst the other players simply take their turn, keep an eye for a Jack to appear, and as soon as you notice it, slap the card as quickly as you are able to.

The aim is to get your hand directly onto the Jack card before any other player.

After Slapping the Jack

The player who slaps the Jack first extends to keep all of the cards beneath the Jack. The number of cards played because the last jack is dependent upon the amount of cards you win.

The winner of this round then shuffles the brand new cards with his/her existing cards and starts the pile once more.

If you run out of cards, try to be the first player to slap the Jack in the next round to avoid being eliminated from the overall game.


The overall game continues until all the players come to an end of cards, and the player with all the current cards in the deck becomes the winner.


  • If a card is played along with a jack before a new player slaps it, the Jack is missed, and the play continues
  • If a player slaps the center pile with no Jack on top, the player must give one card to the player that played the most effective card
  • If you can’t decide who slapped the Jack first, the hand closest to the Jack will be termed the winner

Strategies for winning

Be quick and maintain focus

The best strategy to help you win at Slapjack involves cognitive awareness and speed. Ideally, it is vital to examine the card watchfully before claiming it.

Slapping a card that is not a jack will cause a penalty, and while a single penalty may not ruin your possibility of winning, repeated mistakes costs your valuable cards and present your opponents an edge.

Assign one job to each hand

Another strategy that may help you move faster and swiftly is assigning one job to each hand. As an example, you can use one hand to draw the card and the other hand to slap the Jack when it seems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can play this game?

You have to be at least 2 and max 8 to play this card game.

Whats the aim of the game?

To win all fo the cards.

When does the game end?

Untill all the players have lost all their cards.