Go Fish

Go Fish is a fun card game designed for children and is played using a standard deck.

This is a great kids’ activity and learning game about numbers, pairs, and patterns.

In this guide we will learn how to play Go Fish game, the goal of the game, the guidelines, along with whether there exists a strategy that could help us play better.

Go Fish


The objective is to make books of four cards that share the same value.

To win, you have to be the player with the most books by the end of the game.

The game is easy to learn and play, and 2-5 players are required.

Go Fish uses a 52-card pack where some cards are dealt, and the rest form the stock pile.

How to play Go Fish?

The rules of the game are also straightforward, and these highlights when a player can go fishing.

To start out a casino game, one player will deal one card confront each player, and with Aces being highest and 2’s being lowest, the player whose card has the lowest rank becomes the dealer.

Dealing cards

The dealer will shuffle the remaining cards and deal them clockwise, face down. If two or three players are involved, each will be dealt 7 cards. However , in the case of four or five players, each will be dealt five cards. The remaining cards are put face down.

The beginning of the game

The game starts when the player on the left of the dealer ‘fishes’ by requesting another player for a certain card. For instance , the player could request ‘ Anna, please give me your Kings. ’


Ideally, the player who's ‘fishing’ must have at least one card of the rank they truly are seeking. Which means that if you are requesting Kings, you ought to be holding a King among your dealt cards. The player being addressed should give the cards being asked, and if they don’t have that particular card, they do say ‘ Go fish! ’


The player who made the request will draw the most notable card from the stock pile and add it to his/her hand. If the player is lucky to get one or more cards in the requested rank, they have been given a chance to ask another or the same player for a card.

Using the same example, if the player who made the request receives yet another King, they'll certainly be eligible for ask yet another player to provide them whether King or another different card value.

This player’s turn continues provided that they get the cards (makes a catch) they request each round. With every catch, the player must reveal the card for the catch to be verified.


  • If the player gets the fourth card of the same rank, he or she will place them up for grabs face up and play again.
  • That is called ‘a book. ’ But if he or she goes fishing and doesn't make a catch, the player to the left gets control.
  • The game ends when all thirteen books have now been won, and the player with books becomes the winner.

Drawing new cards

As mentioned before, a new player can draw a brand new card if the player you requested for a certain card doesn't have that specific card.

Other cases where you can draw a new card include;

  • When you finish all of the cards in your hand. This may either because you simply made a book from your own last four cards or because yet another player asked for the last card in your hand. In the event that you don’t have any card left, you card draw the same quantity of cards you had received in the very beginning of the game.
  • If you happen to finish your cards and there are no cards left in the stock pile, you're going to have to watch for the overall game to complete to begin again.


This game will not need a specific technique to win; however , each time a player requests a specific card, it provides you an idea that cards they've and which ones they don’t have.

You can then use this information to your advantage when it is your turn to go fishing.

If you have a good memory it is a great way to win and a good strategy.

In the event that you learn how to count cards, then that strategy could work for you personally, despite the fact that counting cards is really more cheating than strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lie in Go Fish?

This really is a game title mostly made for parents and kids and it is about honor and fun. But in this game you can lie about the cards in your hand, and when a player asks you there is absolutely no way for them to discover that you are lying. That’s why it’s good to play this game with people you trust and make use of a code of honor.

How many players can play Go Fish?

Min2 player and max 5 players!

How many cards is used?

52-card pack!