Crazy eights

Crazy Eights card game is played with a 52-card pack and can be played among 2 or more players.

Crazy Eights Card game


The basic idea is to be the first to play all one’s cards to a communal discard pile.

How to play

In the case of two players, each receives seven cards from the standard 52 card deck.

If they are more than two players, each will receive five cards from a double deck of 104 cards.

The remaining cards are placed facedown to form the stock, and the most notable card is turned up to start out the discard pile.

Starting the Game

Each player takes turns, you start with the dealer’s left, and plays a card face-up to the discard pile.

Every card played (other than an eight) should match the topmost card in the discard pile by either rank or suit.

For example: If the K of Hearts is the starter, any heart can be played on it or any King

All 8s are wild and may be played whenever you want, and a player who plays an 8 should name a suit to be used by the next player.

Drawing from the Stock

If a person is unable/unwilling to follow the topmost card, he/she will have to draw cards from the most effective of the stock and keep adding them at hand until one of many cards can be played to the discard pile or if the stock runs out.

End of the game

The game wraps up if the last card from of the players’ hands is played or when nobody includes a card that matches the last card.

The player who's the first ever to haven't any cards left wins the overall game, and she or he collects payment from each one of the opponents.

This payment is determined by the total value of cards remaining in the opponent’s hand as follows:

  • 8= 50 points each
  • K, Q, J, or 10= 10 points each
  • Ace=1 point each
  • All other cards=their index value

Strategies for winning

Some of the strategies to help you shed all your cards faster include;

  • When deciding whether to stay in the suit or match the rank but switch suits, you need to continue to keep the existing suit matching whatever you have the absolute most.
  • When matching the suit, you want to play your higher cards first because these are the worst cards to get stuck in your hand when the game ends.
  • Save your eights for late in the game but be sure to use them before the end of the game
  • If a leading opponent plays an eight and declares a suit and you have a chance to change the suit, then do so before she or he gets another turn. That is so because they could have named that suit because they've a couple of cards to be rid that are in the suit they've named.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards are used?

52 card deck.

How many players can play?

2 or more.

How many card do we start with?

Everybody starts with 7 cards in their hands.