Avoid casinos that are using COVID-19 in their campaigns

Considering that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic befell the world, rogue operators took the bonus to improve gambling sites. The Salvation Army, a Australia based organization that provides support to gambling addicts, has expressed concern about the surge in the numbers.

These cases have risen exponentially due to the lockdown that was applied nationally. The rogue operators are taking the internet possibility to seek overseas markets, the key reason why gambling websites are on the rise.

If you're a Australia enthusiast, be advised to not fall to this trap. Essentially, the upcoming websites are closing down physical casinos and pokie venues.

Due to the new situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the prevention of its spread, all land-based casinos in AU are closed until further notice.

New rules in Spain

The Spanish industry regulators have realized that operators are out to make use of the spread of COVID-19 for their advantage.

To curb this tendency, the authorities have restricted all marketing efforts targeting gamblers organized in the lockdown.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain, in consultation with the council of Ministers, declared that there will be no adverts in the gambling industry before lockdown period is finished.

There is a concern that individuals suffer from anxiety and so are desperate to produce some income. That is why, the above mentioned entities have come in to protect them.

The lockdown period is anticipated to end on the 12th of April, but there is a need for an extension if transmission rates continue to rise.

Gambling in the UK

the uk also recognizes the risk that gamblers are exposed during this pandemic. the betting and gambling council (bgc) has established strategies that will strengthen the current initiative in great britain also recognizes the risk that

Among the basic strategies is that BGC is monitoring the amount of money wagered and the full time they spend throughout the lockdown. If there is a huge disparity when compared with pre-crisis, the council will intervene.

This regulation is targeted at discouraging upcoming sites whose objective is always to fleece desperate gamblers.

As a Australia player, you might have logged into some of the international online casinos in britain. In addition, you have to take precautions as much as BGC is protecting you.

Websites to avoid

Gambling may become a jungle without any laws because most operators want to make profits without any concern for the customers.

Regulators are there to govern the industry, but individual efforts will lead to more success.

For example , iGaming in Australia has been rendered illegal until July 2022 if the market will open.

Therefore, during this pandemic, avoid the following websites:

  • Websites which have way too many promotions and adverts. The aim of these advertisements is always to entice you to bet all of your money and fall in an endless ditch of poverty.
  • Those that have no deposit limits. Remember that regulated casinos have deposit limits to safeguard addicted players from exhausting their income. If a casino does not have a deposit limit, do not contribute to its services.
  • Non-licensed casinos. All casinos that adhere to the betting and gambling rules always acquire licenses. Before you register as a new player, make sure you have read about its safety and security. Avoid those that have no licenses from recognized authorities.
  • Casinos with single payment techniques. Normally, legally established casinos will partner with many payment businesses because they have guaranteed in full the safety of their clients. Currently, the mushrooming websites are in a rush, they might only have one payment method because they have little time to initiate tangible contracts.

If we realize that any brand on our casino guide is abusing the newly created situation with coronavirus, it will likely be automatically taken from our lists and blocked!

Our recommendation

Because of the ravaging pandemic, sporting action has crumbled; hence the gambling industry has notably plummetted. Australia gamblers are held within their houses under lockdown.

Be advised that lots of websites are coming up to benefit from your position. Do not only count on the betting regulators in the nation. It is most of your duty to guard your bankroll along with your mental status.

Learn more on how to gamble responsibly!


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