Astropay casinos

The internet gambling sector has witnessed rapid growth in the past decade. Today, players can place their bets online after funding their gambling accounts using different payment techniques. From charge cards to bank transfers to e-wallets, the options are out there proper to pick from.

However , it could be quite hard in some aspects of the world to create payments via traditional techniques like credit cards and bank transfers. Luckily, there are several alternatives such as for instance digital wallets. Digital wallets are gradually becoming preferred by many people as they provide a secure method of payment.

One of the most popular digital wallets at on line casinos is AstroPay. This payment method allows players from Australia to produce hassle-free and fast transactions.


This comprehensive guide will talk about this method, how it works, and how to deposit and withdraw.

Advantages of using Astropay

The most preferred casino payment techniques by players in Latin America, Thailand, China and Australia is Astropay due to its advanced of security.

One advantage of Astropay is its high degrees of security. Because the payment service doesn’t require you to provide any banking information, hackers cannot access the same.

The Astropay virtual prepaid card also comes with numerous funding options.

Based on your country, it is possible to purchase card denominations via your credit card, cryptocurrency or e-wallet.

You may also have access to some cash options, but these are less frequent.

Yet another advantage is speed of transfer. Deposits done with Astropay are instant, meaning you won’t have to wait before beginning to take pleasure from real money play.

Although the speed will partly depend in your banking provider, typically, your funds should be available in your gambling account in some minutes.

Disadvantages of using Astropay

Obviously, there are a few drawbacks that come with like this as a means of earning payments at on the web casinos.

What should be known is that Astropay is not available to casino players from all over the world.

It is only available to those residing in Latin America countries and a few countries in Asia.

Another disadvantage is that not all online casinos offer this payment option.

And for those who have it, a majority of them don’t offer withdrawal services.

Which means you will you should be in a position to deposit. But in terms of cashing out your winnings, you will need to pick an alternate means.

What is Astropay?

As we’ve already mentioned, Astropay is a prepaid virtual card. It really is owned by LLP Group, a UK company that is headquartered in London. Astropay is amongst the most popular casino payment techniques among players in Latin American countries. This is because few online banking options are available there.

Initially, Astropay was centered on addressing the needs of citizens in these countries. But the payment system has since expanded its coverage to other markets around the globe. Currently, players in Australia, Uk, India, and China can use it to deposit and withdraw from their gambling accounts.

Nowadays, you will discover many on the web casinos that offer AstroPay. Therefore , if you are some of those who don’t like using credit cards, Astropay will be handy. It is not only safe and secure but also enables you to pay without requiring you to reveal your financial details.

How does AstroPay work?

AstroPay works the same as credit/debit cards when paying at on line casinos. However , there are many exceptions.

Firstly, with Astropay, the total amount of cash held in it really is fixed. Secondly, it doesn’t need any information from you.

All you need to do is to select it as your preferred payment option, and enter the card data to validate the transaction.

You can use the AstroPay Card to make casino deposits a couple of times.

It is provided in denominations starting from $25 up to $500, but to get it, you’ll have to sign up first at its official internet site.

While Astropay supports only the US dollar, it could be purchased using local AUD payment methods and more than 10 other different currencies

Astropay casinos

When you visit an on the web casino or review a certain casino, you will notice many depsit methods being offered.

Nonetheless it is very important to know that when registering, you should have the option to find the currency with that you will play.

Obviously, it is best to choose the currency of your country, but each currency supports different payment techniques.

At most online casinos in Australia when you choose AUD payments the Astropay method is available.

If you choose the USD currency, that currency will not be available.

By choosing AUD currency you will avoid losing money on currency exchange costs.

Below is a list of checked and reviewed Astropay casinos that individuals recommend to AUs, so let’s dive in.

How to use Astropay at an online casino

Getting to grips with this payment method is very easy. First, you’ll need to visit the Astropay website to be able to create a merchant account.

Example of making deposit with Astropay at an online casino.

Here, you will provide some basic personal stats such as for example name and date of birth. You’ll also need to provide an e-mail address in which a url to confirm your account will be sent.

Once you’ve confirmed your Astropay account, sign in and get one of the many denominations of cards available.

Different payment methods can be used to buy the cards but this depends on your precise location.

They include credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid PINs, cash deposits, or direct debits.

After you have confirmed the payment, you’ll receive the details of your AstroPay Card by email.

This happens within minutes, but with some payment methods, it may take up to three business days.

The card details add a 16-digit card number and a 3-digit security code. What is great is that no fees are charged for your process.

Given that you have your card, you will have to create an account at an established gambling site that delivers AstroPay. Once you have done this, log into your account and access the ”Cashier” section. From there, simply select either “Deposit” or “Withdraw”, select Astropay as your choice and follow the instructions.

Depositing using Astropay

Making a deposit at an online casino via AstroPay Card is an easy and instant process.

You simply need to log into your online casino account and head to the Cashier /Banking page.

From here, find the AstroPay payment option to be able to transfer funds for your requirements via its channel.

This will automatically direct you to a full page where you’ll need to enter information on your AstroPay prepaid virtual card.

This includes your name, the card number, security code and expiration date.

You will then specify the amount of money you want to deposit and the funds will take your account immediately.

Withdrawal using Astropay

Unfortunately, not all online casinos that have AstroPay offer withdrawal services.

This means you will need to choose another payment method from those at your disposal at the casino.

In addition , it might be advisable to ensure with the casino’s customer support before signing up for a merchant account.

But if the casino offers withdrawals, go directly to the Cashier section and choose AstroPay as your desired method.

Thereafter, select how much you want withdrawn from your account and authorize the withdrawal.

With the transaction successful, the money should be in your AstroPay card in a couple of minutes.

What’s needed to use Astropay?

To use Astropay you will first need an Astropay card.

This is often obtained by creating a merchant account at its official website and purchasing your selected denomination.

You will also need an online casino that integrates Astropay as a payment option.

Fortunately, you will discover a good number of casino sites offering this secure and safe payment method.

Alternatives to Astropay

Apart from AstroPay, there are numerous alternative prepaid virtual cards you are able to decide for at on the web casinos.

The best options include Paysafecard, EcoCard and EcoPayz.

If these don’t work for you, you are able to choose e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller along with cryptocurrencies such as for example Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Whenever we say alternatives we mean other techniques which have similar features such as for instance security, transaction speed, and the availability of casinos that support them.

Below are a few alternatives you can take advantage of:

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I register to use Astropay?

Yes. The registration process is very easy and fast. Simply register at the state website and provide some basic information. A link to ensure your account will then be provided for your email. Click on this link, log into your account after which buy a card of your preferred value.

Are there any user fees when using Astropay?

The AstroPay payment service doesn't charge any user fees when you perform any transactions utilizing it. Nevertheless , you may experience fees charged by your financial institutions. Consequently , always confirm this before you proceed with any transaction.

How do I pay for an Astropay card?

You can choose among a multitude of payment options to cover your Astropay card. You can use e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, credit cards, online bank transfer or cryptocurrencies famous brands Bitcoin.

Are Astropay Casinos safe?

Yes, gambling websites that integrate Astropay are totally safe and sound. The security measures that this payment method uses are far more advanced level than those of contemporary credit card systems.