Alderney Gambling Control Commission

What is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission?

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is responsible for licensing and overseeing iGaming operators.

They are situated off the coast of France and are based on the tiny Channel Island.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), founded in-may 2000, is among the world’s strictest remote gambling authority, with all remote gaming businesses taking care of the island getting the highest requirements to conform to.

AGCC – Alderney Gambling Control Commission

In addition , Alderney was at the forefront of jurisdictions investigating the thought of creating cross-border pooling of liquidity.

As it claims it facilitates dialogue between jurisdictions and international norms, the AGCC has been at the forefront of lobbying for international pooling. Given Alderney’s image as a trusted jurisdiction, that is achievable and can boost its appeal to operators.

What countries are protected by an Alderney Gambling Control Commission license?

The license governs any country where gambling is legal and allowed to operate under governed requirements.

What does the Alderney Gambling Control Commission do?

The goal of the AGCC is to guarantee the legitimacy of island-based remote gaming operations. Alderney is classified by the UK Government as a ‘white-listed’ gambling territory and, as a result, island-based players are licensed to operate broadcast promotional campaigns on UK television networks.

By being referred to as a white-listed jurisdiction, Alderney casino players likewise have a very real guarantee that they are playing at a casino run in a strictly regulated jurisdiction.

The AGCC delivers a world-class regulatory framework that, within our opinion, guarantees exceedingly high expectations for player safety and, consequently, strengthens Alderney’s credibility. Of the few thousand remote gambling techniques that occur, only some can be found in Alderney.

How am I protected by their license?

Playing at AGCC-regulated on the web casinos ensures protection and justice. Not merely does the Commission audit any claimant comprehensive upon request, but inaddition it carries out annual reviews to make sure that the Best casinos continue to comply with all the stringent financial and other regulations levied by the agency.

To be able to secure and retain a license, an on line casino must show financial integrity, the fairness of games, and offer the Commission with full transparency of its internal transactions.

All this ensures that AGCC on the web casinos are perfectly safe and it is a smart idea to look for an AGCC regulated casino if you wish to gamble on the web.

If a gamer features a dispute against any of the on the web casinos positioned in Alderney, players can file a grievance with the AGCC. The Alderney Gaming Control Commission’s allegations and complaints cover all areas of the internet gambling service, from advertisement and promotions to unequal discrimination and difficulties with player disputes.

How do I find online casinos with an Alderney Gambling Control Commission license?

If an on line casino or operator claims with an Alderney Gambling Control Commission eGambling License, you are able to always verify that this is the case either by cross-referencing their license with the AGCC or by merely trying out the product range of online casino reviews from Scams. info – even as we have tested all big on line casinos double and triple.

Where can I see all Alderney Gambling Control Commission companies?

On line companies which have registered for the license may be easily accessed on the Gaming Commission Control website,, which gives detail by detail reports of the gaming companies registered.

Where can I Leave Complaints?

The website features a section specifically made for that purpose and has strict measures that complaints cannot be handled over the phone.

The complainer should write a letter explaining the situation accessible and addressing it to work administrator whose address is clearly stated on the website.

About Alderney Gambling Control Commission address, etc

Alderney can be an island situated roughly 8 miles off the coast of France in the English Channel. It is the British Crown’s self-governing dependence and home to the much-respected Gambling Regulatory Board.

Alderney is permitted to advertise in the UK as a member of great britain Gambling Commission’s whitelist. As a legal regulator, only the fact that Alderney is on the whitelist gives it credit.

Alderney is currently home to several large-scale casino companies which have been operating in good conscience for above 10 years.

Any platform with an Alderney license is likely to be a secure location for consumers to play games.

Usually the one blot on the record of the commission is Full Tilt Poker’s downfall in 2011. The financial anomalies that should have avoided the failure of Full Tilt and the temporary depletion of player funds were absent from Alderney.

Alderney features a clean record as a regulator, aside from that nasty episode. It's neither easy nor cheap to be given a license from the Alderney Gambling Control Board. Licenses are awarded only to businesses that are financially sound and with the capacity of providing fair games.

Egambling license applicants must form a corporation registered in Alderney and provide notice of their intention to get the license in the Alderney Gazette. First, the claimant must fill out the application form form on the website of the Gambling Control Commission and request the proper execution with a deposit of £10, 000.

If the order and deposit have already been submitted, the principle auditor of the commission might meet up with the applicant to review the business strategy, meet up with the directors/executives of the applicant, discuss any administrative agencies associated with the business and meet with any main employees that will need individual certification.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission can be ed via the email address [email protected] gg, obviously indicating the address of the Office administrator, or alternatively, you can the business via post.